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Jewellery industry specific discounts offering designer/makers benefits from over 65 Supplier Partners


We have a huge range of jewellery related designer/maker benefits, from discounts and money saving deals and vouchers for:

It can be expensive to set up and maintain your micro or established jewellery business, the GoJD is here to support you and help you save money.

Please use the search bar above to find suppliers or services offering discounts.

We're always looking for Supplier Partners to work with, if you are a jewellery making specific supplier or service provider and have offers that you feel our members would benefit from, please send us a message through the site contact form or email direct to discuss further:


jewellery reunited lost jewellery location service
Lost or Stolen Jewellery Recovery Service

Jewellery Reunited is a simple system for helping to recover lost or stolen jewellery and return it to it's rightful owner.




Register your unique serial numbers to cover the amount of jewellery items that you want to protect.




Relax and don’t panic! It might still be in the house so keep on looking.

In the meantime, if you have really lost it and it gets found, the finder will no doubt look at the jewellery for any identifying marks, locate the serial number and web address and then visit our site to enter the code and start the lost jewellery recovery service process for returning your item to you.




An email is automatically sent from our site to the owner with details of the person who found it and the item of jewellery.

They can then contact the finder directly to arrange collection or delivery of the item.

Offering a reward for the return could help to encourage the finder to initiate the reuniting process.


Enquire with The GoJD for trade partner opportunities using the service.



Visit Odissa. Buy Direct From Guild Members

The handmade products marketplace created by The GoJD


Odissa is an online jewellery and arts and crafts marketplace run by The Guild of Jewellery Designers where visitors to the site can buy quality handcrafted products direct from a growing, diverse range of independent designer/makers.


Online product pricing calculator for jewellery and craft products 2020


We provide a full range of services for your Jewellery design and manufacturing needs. These include:Bespoke Jewellery bespoke jewellery design 3D printing rapid prototyping qual...

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Ortak and The Guild of Jewellery Designers - here to help.

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Requirements for supplying fingerprints for laser engraving.

By Alan Hadley
January 21, 2017
GETi Laser Engraving Information
GETi Laser Engraving Information

With our engraving service, there are a few simple things you need to include when sending work in to us. By making sure you include as much information, we can give you the best possible engraving service.

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